Agri what?

It’s no secret that our planet is fast on the way to becoming uninhabitable for humans. As much as I love gorgeous modern builds, I can’t help feeling shocked and confused when they have a huge footprint. It is plain lazy to design unsustainable buildings. The knowledge and experience are out there, to not use it is apathetic and arrogant.

A few years ago I came to the realisation that innovative agriculture could be one of the lynchpins to saving humanity. I am now on a mission to learn as much as I can about the architecture of agriculture as I believe that is where we will answer the questions of:

    • How do we bring food production back to our communities to minimize our transportation emissions and costs?
    • How do we not just reduce the urban heat island effect, but also utilize it? Hint, the heat lengthens the growing season to increase harvests and moderate the city temperatures
    • Will we be able to feed cities that are predicted to swell in population but not land size?
    • How can we ensure food security in far north communities?

There are even more problems I believe agritecture can solve. Ultimately when people say what is the meaning to life I think about why are animals on the earth, why are plants on the earth, are we not the same? I believe plants and animals are here to live in harmony, a symbiosis, and I believe humans should strive for that too. I hope through agritecture I can help nudge some parts of the globe back to a balance.