Garden Gabs: Food Forestry with Richard Walker

Permaculture is a method of gardening that asks the gardener to work with nature rather than against it, with the aim to design ecologically, socially, and economically healthy communities for humans, plants, and animals. It is rooted in thinking of the ecosystem as a whole in order to ensure all parts of the system are healthy and working in harmony (Fox, 58). Food forestry is … Continue reading Garden Gabs: Food Forestry with Richard Walker

Garden Gabs: Erin

Microclimates are a fascinating part of our larger weather patterns and understanding them can be the key to success in your garden. Our guest gardener this week is my colleague Erin, who lives in Peachland and has an extensive vegetable garden on her south-facing slope. Peachland’s position on the south aspect of the mountain at a narrow part in Okanagan Lake means it receives “lake … Continue reading Garden Gabs: Erin

Sunny, Shady, Seedy Veg

We are lucky in the Okanagan to have a relatively long growing season with temperatures hot enough to grow most vegetables. As a very novice gardener, I have had great veggie garden success the last few years in my backyard. These plants are forgiving and want to grow and produce for you and your family! I had intended to focus on the heat-loving veggies but … Continue reading Sunny, Shady, Seedy Veg