DIY Tutorial: Self-watering pot

Potted plants are a great way to get some greenery into a small space. However, it can be hard to know when to water and you’ll need a plant sitter if you go away for more than a few days. Enter the self-watering pot, the concept, and execution of which is quite simple. You have […]

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Green Roofs and the Urban Heat Island Effect

Penticton is in full festival swing and my wife and I have been enjoying walking downtown for many events. Canada Day was gorgeous and hot! But it wasn’t just the sun getting us, we could feel the heat radiating off the sidewalk. This reminded me of one of the biggest reasons I became passionate about […]



Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I am so excited to be bringing you a new biweekly column with the Penticton Western on urban agriculture relevant to our Okanagan area. I grew up here in Penticton, and have an honours degree in Geography. I have been growing fruit and vegetables in my own garden […]